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W2853 State Road 67, Iron Ridge, WI 53035

Jessiffany Canine Services, LLC also offers green dogs for selection testing, dual purpose trained dogs for either narcotics or explosives for detection, and titled dogs. All of our dogs are imported from Europe through our numerous overseas partners.

All dogs come with an extensive health and workability warranty.

What makes us different than the other kennels.......how about smaller classes, flexible scheduling, one to four trainer to handler ratio, more direct interaction in problem solving, higher degree of advance obedience by the end of class, shorter class length while reaching a higher number of hides with less dog teams, class schedule and content can be modified based on departments needs, dogs are pre-selected based on customers desires, and there are many more reason.

We take pride in the one on one interaction and low stress easy learning environment that will get you ready for the Real World. We have mutilple training areas available to make sure the dog and dog teams are exposed to as many environments as possible.

            Come and visit us in Iron Ridge, WI, for the finest dog training.