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24/7 Battle Buddy to assist our American Heroes

Dog and Master - Service Dogs

Jessiffany Canine Services in Iron Ridge, WI, has partnered with Feherty's Troops First Foundations to provide 24/7 Battle Buddy canines to assist wounded military Veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. 


24/7 Battle Buddy

It is very important that we match the right 24/7 Battle Buddy canine with every Veteran. Our trainers work alongside Troops First Foundation in selecting the right dog for the right soldier. The training is then specific to the soldier's needs based on his injuries. Task such as:  picking up items like keys or a wallet, to assisting the soldier out of his wheelchair by providing steady support in aiding the soldier to keep his balance. No task is too small or too large and we are honored to assist these American Heroes with their daily life now that they are home.


How can you Help?

Please donate to the Feherty's Troops First Foundation. They have several wonderful programs in place to assist soliders and their families while they heal and get back to a normal life.

Contact us now in Iron Ridge, WI, for a 24/7 Battle Buddy, or for additional information about our services.